My Brain Contained Two Facts--USARA National Championship Adventure Race 2006
Nude Dudes and Fearsome Freighters--Golden Gate Adventure Race 2006
'Snow Problem--USARA National Championship Adventure Race 2003
A Saint is Born--Sea to Summit Triathlon/Adventure Race 2002
There I Was, Hanging Over a Cliff--Oakridge Adventure Race 2007
Race stories
Wa or Wah?--Red Tail Adventure Race 2004
The City That Never Sleeps--Balance Bar NYC Adventure Race 2002
Urban Hillbillies--XTERRA New Jersey Off-Road Triathlon 2001
"Bear?!?!" "Where?!?!"--Bigfoot Offroad Triathlon 2003
"Who Are You Guys?"--Balance Bar Boston Adventure Race 2002
That History Thing--Richmond XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon 2001
My First Adventure Race...and First Victory--Odyssey 24-Hour Race 2000
Tips for Novices--An Introduction to Multisport Off-Road Racing
The Party's Over--2004 Season Wrapup
"You Remember Too Much--Run Faster Next Time"--Boston Marathon 2002
Recipe for Team Discord--Primal Quest Adventure Race 2006
Tough Teens Humble Adventure Racers--Primal Quest Adventure Race 2006
Seinfeld in the Snow--Ukatak Winter Adventure Race 2004
Deus ex Machina--Primal Quest Adventure Race 2006